Murdoch Mixed Use Precinct

Murdoch, WA

Murdoch Mixed Use Precinct is a true transit orientated development (TOD). It is located within Perth’s growing southern transport corridor in close proximity to the Kwinana Freeway and the Mandurah Rail line. The project is positioned adjacent to the landmark Fiona Stanley Hospital and will attract commuting health workers and visitors as well as residents via public transport.

The project contains Federally protected significant vegetation and a range of drainage and public access challenges. Residential and Commercial uses have been situated to maximise views and orientation, creating a series of public spaces which link to major transport corridors, while controlling views.

The design incorporates provision for green roof and green wall design and a wide variety of community facilities set over underground stormwater storage tanks. The use of WSUD principles is critical to the project’s success in a low water regime environment. Public interface with the centrally located significant vegetation will be controlled through edge treatments, boardwalks and educational signage. Tree top walk lookouts are proposed to focal points at the edge of the retained bushland.

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