Karratha Town Centre

Karratha, WA

The redevelopment of the existing Town Centre focuses on the provision of a vibrant heart to the fast growing and climactically challenging Karratha Township in the Pilbara. Design elements focus on local desert colour, rough-hewn textures, landscape elements and local topography in interpreting and creating a sense of place unique to Karratha.

Landscape related works include the provision of urban design centred on upgrading the existing Sharpe Avenue. Works include the creation of shade elements, new planting, new locally inspired paving treatments, road and services alignment, town square, signage, parking and pedestrian access and climactic comfort. New commercial, retail and residential buildings will front the streetscapes and provide additional shade, framing and context to the streetscape. Laneways and smaller scaled roads link onto Sharpe Avenue. A Town Square is proposed which will become the heart of the central precinct catering for public functions, gatherings and informal events fronted by alfresco precincts and entertainment based land uses.

A particular challenge has been the design of the public realm, considering existing adjacent land uses while catering for future upgraded residential, retail and commercial land uses.  The design was required to create a new and upgraded public realm in response to the site to meet a variety of possible future scenarios.  This has been overcome through careful interface consideration, service location inputs, 3D visualisation graphics, detailed consideration of streetscapes inclusive of building height descriptions commenting on shadowing, views, and privacy.

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