Eliza Ponds

Coogee, WA

The Eliza Ponds Estate development is located on the site of the former Watsonia smallgoods factory and dairy. The redevelopment of the former industrial site provides an outstanding example of how a site can be regenerated in a way that preserves local history and values.

The formerly contaminated site was remediated, and the management approach for groundwater, surface water and design of the open spaces complimented the remediation of the site. The water sensitive urban design approach ensures that the hydrology of the site has been maintained, native vegetation retention has been maximised, urban runoff water is cleaned, groundwater resources underlying the site are protected, and that the overall amenity provided by Eliza Ponds is unrivalled in any of its contemporaries.

The outstanding landscape design integrates design elements taken from the history of the site, recognising the significant contribution to the local economy and culture that was provided by Watsonia.

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