Tuart Forest Primary School

Dalyellup, WA

Tuart Forest Primary School is the third educational facility to be constructed in Dalyellup Beach Estate, 10 minutes south of Bunbury, as part of the rapidly growing  population of south Bunbury and within the Shire of Capel. With a large local catchment area, the school was built 2012 with the intent of providing a vibrant  and attractive landscape in which children can engage, learn, play and relax.

In close consultation with the project architect, an energetic and lively colour scheme was developed as a form of way finding through the landscape architectural forms to engage students with their surrounding.

Opening its doors in 2013 to students, the Tuart Forest Primary has been warmly received as pushing the boundaries of the Education Departments standardised building methodologies. The school and students have embraced the theming with new artworks, playground equipment and furniture continuing with the bright and vibrant colour scheme.

With the architects Emerge developed a colourful landscape palette which is incorporated into the built form to assist with direction and way finding throughout the school. The result will be a series of vibrant and creative spaces formed through rubber surfacing and coloured concrete pathways, raised concrete seating walls and planter boxes, painted line-marking and games, and the incorporation of colourful plant species including citrus and fruit trees.

Due to poor groundwater quality and supply in this local area, sourcing of an appropriate irrigation supply for the site was critical as this would contribute significant costs for the on-going maintenance of the school. Emerge costed 3 options including projected maintenance costs so the client could properly assess the most appropriate and cost-efficient option moving forward.

The Tuart Forest Primary School was awarded the Master Builders Association 2014 Building Excellence Award for Construction Excellence in Commercial Industrial Buildings valued over $8 Million Dollars, which is testament to the close collaboration of the project team, client and builders involved.

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