Canning River Precinct Study

Perth, WA

The Canning River precinct study involved the landscape design of upgraded public facilities along the river foreshore. The foreshore reserve required native revegetation, invasive weed removal, stabilisation of batters, consolidation of walking trails, provision of low key recreational facilities and interpretive and educational signage.  The study included the provision of the planning layout for the conversion of R-codes for land adjacent the river to a higher density zoning for private sale.

A detailed survey of existing facilities was undertaken prior to the preparation of a series of planning and landscape options that were presented to the local steering committee and the general public through the City’s community consultation process.

Provision of a landscape master plan for the public upgrade of the river foreshore was finalised with positive input from the City of Armadale, the Department of Environment, CALM and WaterCorp. The project provided the basis for future residential development and improved management of the river edge for existing residents.

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