Urban Development – Regeneration

Urban regeneration involves the redevelopment of brownfield sites and is generally oriented around achieving higher urban density or ‘infill’ outcomes.  This context involving disturbed sites situated within or adjacent to existing communities means a different raft of challenges to conventional urban development projects.

We have worked on a range of major urban regeneration projects in cities and other regional centres.  The scale of these vary from single apartment sites to entire activity centre nodes with complex servicing and land assembly requirements.  This has been an increasing focus of our business as planning frameworks in Western Australia and elsewhere are oriented towards achieving a higher population density within existing urban boundaries.

Our urban regeneration clients seek consultants that can understand and address the differing needs and demands of urban regeneration projects.  Urban regeneration sites have often supported historic land uses have soil and/or groundwater contamination issues, and are often situated on sites where space is limited and innovation is required to maximise space both from a construction (particularly in relation to groundwater and dewatering) and in the longer term shared space useability and amenity perspective.  Notwithstanding this some urban regeneration sites present opportunities to improve natural values, offset carbon emissions, repurpose existing facilities or infrastructure into new public amenities, and create more sustainable living opportunities.

We are corporate members of a number of relevant industry associations including the Urban Development Institute of Australia and the Property Council of Australia and members of our team are active participants in a number of committees and working groups.

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