State and local government are significant players in relation to both delivering development and managing and infrastructure but also in regulating various forms of development as key decision makers.  Both are also vested with large tracts of land to manage, and local government in particular is a key facilitator of community assets and facilities, particularly for sport and recreation.  For government the interfaces with the community and other stakeholders are particularly important and in some cases sensitive and are therefore critical to be managed appropriately.

We work with government clients to assist with project delivery in relation to infrastructure and services, but also in respect to providing peer review and expert opinion to assist with decision making arising from their regulatory responsibilities, strategic planning in relation to asset management, and the formulation of policy to guide their own environmental management realising sustainability opportunities and benefits and landscape/public amenity provision.  These clients include state government development authorities, state government decision making authorities, state government land managers and a wide range of local governments across the full geographical extent of Western Australia.

Our government clients need consultancy services that are respected and well regarded by a range of key stakeholders, and that they can rely on without exposing them to undue operational or public perceptions risks.  We are included in a range of consultancy panels for various government procurement arrangements.  We are members of or involved with relevant associations such as Parks and Leisure Australia and the Institute of Public Works Engineering of Australia.

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