Construction & Infrastructure

Growing and productive cities and regional centres need infrastructure and services.  The physical locations for these are often adjacent to existing communities or on sites with environmental values given they have retained native vegetation while arounds surrounding have been historically cleared for other intensive uses .  They can also be prominent sites with high visibility to the public.  Therefore it is important that the planning, design and construction of new infrastructure and utilities is considered in a way that is cognisant of existing environmental values, and the needs and expectations of the communities that surround them.  This will often affect approval processes and therefore overall delivery programs.

We have worked with a number of infrastructure providers and utilities to support both the gaining of approvals for and construction of new facilities and the upgrading and ongoing management of existing facilities.  We can undertake baseline environmental surveys and assessments for greenfield sites and contaminated site investigations for brownfield sites.  We are conversant with the approvals framework that is applicable for major infrastructure and utilities projects and assist our clients with navigating through these and also support construction and operational environmental management and compliance reporting.  We work with a range of clients to help significantly improve the sustainability of new infrastructure, including through the coordination of – or provision of technical advice related to – sustainability certifications, such as Green Star and Infrastructure Sustainability (IS).  We can also consider and design public spaces and associated amenities to maximise the public benefits associated with the provision of public infrastructure.

Our infrastructure and utilities clients seek consultancy services that are cognisant of their service provision mandate and are mindful of the community and stakeholders expectations that surround how they operate.  Infrastructure and utilities projects often have complex approval processes with multiple stakeholders, and also require consultants to work with broader organisational health, safety and environmental frameworks and also in various forms of contract/project delivery including alliances.

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