Town of Cambridge Sustainability Strategy

City Beach, WA

Emerge was engaged by the Town of Cambridge to lead the preparation of the Town’s Sustainability Strategy.  This is a key strategy in the Town of Cambridge’s planning and development framework and will enable them to seek a more sustainable future for the Town’s assets and community.

Our sustainability team  worked closely with Town of Cambridge staff and their community engagement consultants, Creating Communities, to prepare the strategy. It involved extensive consultation over a twelve month period including workshops with council staff, elected members, the community and range of primary and high schools.  This consultation process unearthed an extensive list of ideas to make the Town more sustainable. The feedback was consolidated into a tangible and ambitious Sustainability Strategy for the Town and it’s community, prioritising actions for the Town for the next 5 years based on the level of impact and investment required. Critically, the engagement process ensured the strategy is supported across council departments and within the community, promoting a more successful implementation pathway.

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