Swan Regional Riverside Park

Guildford, WA

The upper reaches of the Swan River foreshore cater for significant public recreational use resulting in human pressures from excessive pedestrian, boating, fishing and marine uses. As such, marine erosion, poor water quality and advanced breakdown of public facilities have occurred.

This project undertook to provide robust landscape and environmental design responses to existing and increasing human pressures upon a delicate river system environment.   The projects teams’ research into various erosion control measures prompted a range of landscape based design responses to cater for tidal movement and boat wash. Recreational facilities such as pedestrian paths, cycle paths, lighting, lookouts, canoe launching areas, fishing points, car parking, interpretive signage and control fencing to revegetation areas all encourage suitable levels and types of human use.

Management was undertaken to preserve the Swan River’s water quality, nutrient stripping and rubbish collection. The project undertook to include first flush nutrient stripping basins, additional waterfowl habitat retention and restoration, reduced mosquito breeding and improved pedestrian and cyclist movement.

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