Redgum Brook

Byford, WA

The site is located on former intensive agricultural land at the base of the Darling escarpment with some remnant vegetation and an existing degraded creek line as the features of the existing landscape.

Through thorough consultation with the Shire of Serpentine Jarrahdale plans for the Multiple Use Corridor have been developed to delicately restore the creek line and foreshore while providing a valuable amenity to local residents.
The incorporation of native and endemic revegetation, creek line stabilisation, natural materials, dual use path system, turf kick about areas and passive recreation opportunities will ensure a variety of experiences for the public in the one area.
The Multiple Use Corridor forms part of an overall integrated landscape system that also consists of a number of treated neighbourhood parks and streetscapes. This project was one of the first degraded creak line revegetation projects undertaken in the district. The local authority with the Department of Water have used this projects design and delivery as a benchmark within their guideline documents.

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