Wellard, WA

Located within the suburb of Wellard, Emerge Associates have been commissioned to design the marquee Public Open Space at Providence which is to incorporate a unique custom-built adventure playground and nature play space that provides a stimulating and challenging play area for children of all ages and capabilities.

Themed on the adjacent Bollard Bullrush Wetland, the adventure playground is located within a natural depression on the site which creates an opportunity for a multi-level play space including an elevated play structure, custom play net structure, embankment slides & interactive play walls.

The main playground structure includes universally accessible elevated decks between two elevated structures emulating bullrush reeds stalks which are suitable for children in wheelchairs.

The playground is nestled between existing Flooded Gums which are to be retained for amenity and instant shade over the playspace area. The public open space will also provide a safe and enjoyable family environment including picnic & BBQ areas, large grassed ‘kick-about’ areas, a grassed amphitheatre & stages and unique table tennis area within the existing trees.

Significant trees have been retained and incorporated into the design of the open space at the Wellard Road entry to the estate and along the main entry road.  A regionally significant Adventure Playground is centrally located in Providence as well as a number of pocket parks which provide pedestrian links to adjacent residential areas. The pocket parks are predominantly planted with native species and shade trees and contain a variety of recreation facilities, including picnic shelters, BBQs, furniture, sporting equipment and informal grass kick-a-bout areas.

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