Pit Stop Playground

Banksia Grove, WA

Emerge Associates have provided the community at Banksia Grove with a unique custom-built adventure playground that delivers a stimulating and challenging play area for children of all ages and capabilities that has colloquially become known as “Pitstop Playground”.

The main playground structure includes a twisting and turning universally accessible race track circuit in a Formula One theme for little bikes and scooters. Chalk boards are available under a “pit stop” shed for mini racers to mark down their times. A shade structure with seating adjacent to the race track is provided for parents.  A laser beam activated water wall shoots water at unsuspecting racers on the circuit to provide a cooling and engaging play element. Softfall rubber mounds and white sand play pit areas are integrated with attachments for sliding, climbing, hanging and balancing activities. The mounded play areas combined with play equipment provides for children of all ages and acts as a springboard for encouragement, exploration and developmental play.

Particular attention has been given to materials, chosen to not only encourage interaction, but to have resilience and durability, essential for ensuring the park as a long term community asset.

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