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Emerge Associates have been involved with the Newhaven project from its inception in early 2005. The large scope of the project in this urban corridor contains particular landscape, marketing and site challenges.

In close consultation with the client, Emerge delivered a distinctive landscape design that provides for the retention of existing topography and vegetation, together with the accommodation of water management strategies, to create a rich visual and ecologically sound environment. The landscape works deal with high groundwater levels, drainage requirements, acid sulphate soil issues, retention of existing vegetation, significant topography and adjacent major transport routes. Designing with the existing vegetation and topography required innovative design and construction techniques to ensure the natural systems were protected.

The landscape character centres on retaining the pre existing flow of watercourses and the retention of existing stands of trees through the site.  The parkland has been designed to effectively treat storm water run-off with natural nutrient stripping elements whilst providing habitat and a variety of useable community spaces.  Parkland corridors link communal gathering points, and an integrated pedestrian network encourages social interaction and opportunities for community activity and development.

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