Morawa Town Centre and Main Street Revitalisation

Morawa, WA

As part of the SuperTown Program the Shire of Morawa recently completed a Growth and Implementation plan which identified key projects and strategies for Morawa to reach an aspiration population target of 2000. The key drivers for such growth are recognised as Agriculture, Mining and Education.

The Town Centre and Main Street Revitalisation projects are focussed on attracting and retaining investment and growth in Morawa. The project will be a visible improvement to the town which will have a flow on benefit to Morawa as a whole with respect to overall amenity, liveability, civic function, attracting business investment, tourists and visitors.

Emerge Associates were an integral part of the project team who travelled to Morawa and over the course of one week undertook an intensive two day community consultation workshop, producing concept designs for presentation and Ministerial launch. Outcomes of the workshop highlighted a desire to create a more pedestrian friendly main street by relocating the current heavy haulage route off Winfield Street without detriment to local business, and to complement this change by establishing a new adjacent civic square which would encourage community pride and engagement.

Emerge Associates role focuses on converting these outcomes into built form. Stage two of works includes the detailed design and documentation of a civic square that is a flexible and attractive space to accommodate a range of community events and user groups. The colours and materials used will build upon and reflect the character and vernacular of Morawa. Crucially shade and shelter provided by structures and salt tolerant tree species will provide appealing places to meet and linger. The works will incorporate other elements such as incidental seating, urban art and play elements, shade and essential infrastructure to encourage place activation events.

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