Midvale, WA

The Midvale site was acquired in a joint venture arrangement involving a Peet development entity in 2014.  It was formally owned by the Department of Housing and is a large urban infill opportunity within the City of Swan.

Emerge Associates were involved with this project since the earliest stages of due diligence which supported the acquisition of the site.  Since this time we have continued our involvement and provided a range of ongoing services including environmental planning, approvals and management (including EPBC Act considerations), hydrology/urban water management and ecological survey and management.  The Midvale site is challenging in that it presents a range of complex constraints that the project team has needed to navigate through.  While this project has involved a broad range of technical specialists, we have provided the client with a single point of contact through our Environmental Planning & Management Team, although the urban water management considerations have also had some prominence.

A structure plan covering the site has been prepared and subdivision/development works are progressing.  One of the key areas of feedback that we have received on this project is our ability to integrate with the broader project team to consider the key issues and constraints and work productively across disciplines to be able to constructively and commercially resolve them.

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