Marquee Water Park

Port Hedland, WA

Emerge Associates continue their role as Lead Consultant for this project set to be the region’s premier public open space and a tourist attraction in its own right. The park is themed around the Hedland landscape where spaces have been designed to represent rivers, inlets, mangroves, shoals, continental shelf and the deep ocean.

The development includes an innovative water playground, adventure playground for a range of ages, amphitheatre, kickabout spaces, shade structures, car parking, kiosk and amenities. There is an intricate combination of spaces to cater for a large public presence.

The spaces are linked in a complexity of ways including through the use of local materials and colours that are easily recognisable as being part of the unique Hedland and Pilbara ‘sense of place’. The particular attention to the climatic conditions of the area through design will imbue the park with a quality that will guarantee its appreciation by the local community and tourists alike.

One of the key challenges of such a high quality park in a regional location was identified as project cost containment. Emerge Associates worked closely with the Project Team, Client and Contractors to ensure a comprehensive cost and value management exercise was undertaken providing additional assurance.

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