Bullsbrook, WA

Kingsford is situated in the changing rural region of Bullsbrook, approximately 40 minutes north east of Perth. Emerge Associates have been working on this community for Okeland Communities alongside a team including Roberts Day, JDSI, RPS and MNG.

The development aims to capitalise on the natural beauty of the countryside with its wealth of existing mature trees, close proximity to the Ki-It Monger Brook and hilly aspect. The topography of the area presents fantastic opportunities for views across the valley regions and interaction with the brook.

Emerge Associates’ engagement with the project has helped to guide the visioning for creation of an authentic urban village and its master planning. The site presented key issues in sensitivity that required protection and enhancement of the existing landform, vegetation, its history and associated cultural connections. Kingsford aims to become a community destination rich with rural connections, capitalising on mature trees and the natural beauty of the area in the countryside, blurring the line between countryside and city living. The development will enhance the rural character and charm which distinguishes it from surrounding developments.

Kingsford’s new playground was officially opened on 8 May 2021, just one element of an 8,200sqm nature-inspired community parkland at Kingsford, connecting down to the Ki-It Monger Brook which meanders through the estate and set against the backdrop of the Darling Scarp.  The playground is a combination of nature play and traditional elements, themed on a local Aboriginal yarn about the origins of the local watercourse emerging from the cliff face.  Local stone is a key feature with a stone carving to create waterplay rills.  The playground backs onto a steeply defined brook that provides plenty of opportunity for the older kids to escape from mum and dad, and also showcases a large open shelter for community gatherings and a family-focused playground with more offerings for little ones.

The next stage of Kingsford sees a suspension bridge over the brook.

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