Inputs to the City of Rockingham
Greening Plan

Rockingham, WA

Emerge recently completed a significant body of work to inform the development of the City of Rockingham’s Greening Plan. The City intended to prescribe character zones that matched the natural and built form across its suburbs, as well as, set targets for increasing green cover into the future.

We completed detailed analysis of tree locations, types and canopy cover, along with the classification of character themes and priority areas for tree. Using the data we obtained we were able to provide the City of Rockingham with meaningful and achievable targets for urban greening.

The key challenges posed by the project:

  • An extensive study area that necessitated survey and analysis at a broad scale (whole of LGA) but with results that were meaningful at a small scale (street level).
  • A large amount of data was generated and had to be interrelated during analysis and to prepare map figures. This required a thoughtful and systematic process was applied that was both effective and accurate and able to be explained to the City once results were determined.
  • A relatively short turn around for a large body of work. In order to complete this work within the timeframe expected by the client Emerge had to ensure flexibility within and across projects to maintain resourcing requirements.

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