Wandi, WA

Located 30 km south of Perth adjacent to rural land, Honeywood endeavours to reflect the rural context while creating a contemporary character. Twenty-four hectares of Conservation Category Wetlands have been retained on the site providing environmental benefit for local habitat and water resources as well as leisure recreation for homeowners. Particular attention has been paid to the home display precinct and promoting a strong and positive sales experience.

The Design Style Guide unifies the existing rural context with modern design and materials. This is reinforced through the design of each park and the fine detail of each built element such as shelters, signage, play areas, and public art.

To unify the project with the retained existing local vegetation, plant selection reflects the associated native lowland vegetation or the upland bushland vegetation. The primary school provides shared sporting field amenities, while the remainder of the open space consists of a network of pedestrian links connecting the entire project and promoting walkability.

The front door to the development includes a sales office which incorporates a water feature, boardwalk entry, alfresco seating and sales deck and lighting colonnade which addresses the entry carpark.

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