Evermore Heights

Baldivis, WA

The Evermore project is located between two larger competing developments, therefore the landscape response has been critical to the success of the projects presentation and differentiation. The site is a former sand quarry with significant levels variation and some retained vegetation.

The use of irrigation and drainage water reuse, storage, management and groundwater recharge techniques has provided the project with a variety of water source options limiting the use of local potable water supply.

Careful location of open space has retained larger existing trees, the landscape design has included particular Water Sensitive Urban Design treatments to all park areas and major streetscapes. Close working with adjacent developments has enabled a seamless link to the urban design of the whole structure plan area.

The design and construction of individual built form elements within the landscape has provided a point of difference to adjacent residential areas. The use of rustic materials including the milling and recycling of site timber builds upon local character. Rustic materials are set in modern form with clean crisp treatments.

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