Cockburn RPAEC

Cockburn, WA

The development of the Cockburn Regional Physical Activity & Education Centre (RPAEC) is centrally located within the precinct of Cockburn Central West, occupying a 5.5h sloping site that extends from Poletti Road (37.00m) down to a wetland in the east (23.00m) and the RPAEC has been designed in response to this topography. It is a structure that appears to emerge from the ground plane, becoming a topographical feature in its own right and, similarly, within the landscape, topography is used to link and define spaces.

The complex consists of the new Fremantle Football Club training facility, an aquatic and fitness centre with 50m outdoor pool and water slides, indoor stadium and hard courts and associated public plaza and parking.
The primary objectives behind the design were to integrate the built form into its broader setting – physically, visually, culturally and even audibly.

The Centre’s permeability promotes interaction with its surroundings; inviting people into its environs and helping them to navigate through those spaces whilst creating gathering and meeting (civic) spaces of appropriate scale where visitors, users and passers-by feel welcome, safe, sheltered and engaged.

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