Bullrush Adventure PlaySpace

Wellard, WA

As part of Emerge Associates role as Project Landscape Architect for Providence Estate in Wellard, the opportunity arose to create an adventurous combined Nature Play and Playground space. Nestled amongst numerous existing retained Flooded Gums, the site is sunken in a natural depression with close linkages to an adjacent Conservation Category Wetland driving the playground design.

The playspace and its chosen natural materials (recycled timbers) are built sympathetically to existing trees, providing the valuable assets of shade and a sense of security. Whilst surrounding loose materials such as leaves, pebbles and bark encourage imaginative play and role playing associated with Nature Play, vital to a child’s cognitive and social development.

Themed on the adjacent Bollard Bullrush Wetland, the adventure playground is located within a natural depression on the site which creates an opportunity for a multi-level playspace including an elevated play structure; custom play net structure, embankment slides & interactive play walls.

The main playground structure includes universally accessible elevated decks between two elevated structures emulating bullrush reeds stalks which are suitable for children in wheelchairs.  Attached to the play structure is the focal custom designed play net structure which stands at 11m in height.

The playspace provides a stimulating and challenging play area for children of all ages and abilities. With a universally accessable deck linking major play elements supported by other off the shelf all ability play elements such as Roller and Embankment Slides and a birds nest swing. Emerge Associates provided full Design, Documentation and Contract Administration on this unique custom built playspace which has proven to be a valued community asset.

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