Baldivis Town Centre

Baldivis, WA

The landscape planning of Baldivis town centre encompasses streetscape design, architectural interface works and the town square’s urban design. The retention of significant trees and setout of built form enabled the design of an urban space that caters for public use through the creative balancing of pedestrian’s and vehicles.

The encouragement of commercial and mixed use development along a main street frontage was key to establishing a vibrant and active village. A central town square with provision for markets and festival activities combined with and seating and alfresco areas encourages main street retail interaction and community participation.

The use of various robust outdoor materials was complimentary to the architectural palette providing for an integrated sense of place. The use of 3D computer graphics enabled design options to be visually tested both individually
and in context with the intended future buildings.

The use of water features, blade walls, shade structures, level changes and custom designed furniture caters for pedestrians while controlling vehicular access. WSUD principles were used throughout the streetscape design.

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