Open space monitoring to provide fast and effective management guidance, resulting in cost savings

Emerge Associates has been providing environmental and open space monitoring services to both private entities and Local Governments since 2010.  We are able to monitor and advise on the quality of groundwater, surface water, soil and leaf tissue in open space areas and sediments as well as interpret results and provide advice to guide the management of those assets.  Acute management requirements (e.g. algal growth) and chronic longer term issues (e.g. tree health and turf nutrition) can therefore be promptly and adequately addressed.

We are able to quickly respond to requests for incidental work and have sufficient resources to implement longer, sustained monitoring programs of open spaces and water bodies.  This enables responsive service to guide rapid management responses to amenity challenges.  This can minimise the expense of treatments such as algicides, nutrient applications and other maintenance activities.

Recent examples of providing these services to Local Governments include:

Monitoring 35 open water bodies and surrounding open space areas, with advice on management measures to improve and maintain water body health.

Monitoring turf (soil and leaf tissue) and water body (surface water and sediment) health, with advice on nutrient and general asset management.
Monitoring water quality in lakes and drains located in open space areas, and providing advice on remedial actions.

Emerge Associates are WALGA Panel members and therefore understand the needs and drivers of Local Government, and can use this understanding to benefit management of open spaces.

We would welcome any opportunity to discuss how we may be able to assist you to help to reduce unnecessary costs of managing open spaces.  Feel free to contact either the undersigned or Paul Livsey on 9380 4988 to discuss.

Hydrology Capability Statement