During the next 4 weeks Tatiana will be exposed to a wide variety of projects, undertake site visits and she will ultimately gain a broad understanding of how a professional landscape architectural firm operates.

Tatiana originally hails from Sao Paulo in Brazil and she graduated from The University of Melbourne in 2015 with a Masters in Landscape Architecture. Tatiana is equipped with a diverse range of skills over a number of different design related disciplines (including Architecture, Interior Design and Jewellery Design to name a few).

One conversation starter could be asking Tatiana about the book she wrote and self-published. ‘The Girl with the Mickey Mouse Eyes’ was written describing her first 3 years in Australia in a casual journal style writing. (Its an autobiographic comedy.)

In the spare time, Tatiana still likes to design print patterns, create soundtracks and short documentaries or video animation.

Check it out some of her work here:

Welcome to the team Tatiana!