Our sustainability team provides specialist advisory services through a team of experienced sustainability consultants and Green Star Accredited Professionals with expertise in a range of fields.  These include urban planning and design, sustainability certifications, strategy development and reporting, climate mitigation and adaptation, carbon management, waste and resource recovery, water and energy, and education. In addition, we draw upon and integrate the combined knowledge and expertise of the wide range of disciplines within our organisation, to ensure our advice builds on existing examples and embraces the latest in innovative technology, process and products.

We work on a variety of projects across many sectors throughout Australia, involving urban development, local and state government, educational facilities, mining and resources, agriculture, NGOs and general industry.

Our sustainability focus

  • Corporate or government sustainability strategy development and implementation
  • Technical advice for design and planning
  • Identifying and realising sustainability opportunities – social, environmental and economic
  • Facilitating sustainability accreditation and certifications, including Green Star, EnviroDevelopment, Infrastructure Sustainability, and One Planet Living
  • Sustainability planning and management through project delivery and operation, in particular achieving savings for your project through identifying sustainability opportunities
  • Climate change mitigation and adaption strategy development and implementation
  • Carbon consultancy services, including baseline carbon assessments and carbon reduction plans
  • Internal and external audit and reporting
  • Social and environmental risk assessment
  • Sustainability communication and marketing for community and client engagement
  • Sustainability education, including sustainable living and lifestyles, behaviour change strategy and implementation
  • Stakeholder engagement, including workshop facilitation

Our Sustainability team’s 5 principal areas of focus are:

  1. Guiding the overarching sustainability direction
    Emerge can help guide the overarching sustainability direction of your project, development and organisation.
  2. Seeking accreditation and awards
    We can work with your project team to secure the most suitable sustainability accreditation or award for your project.
  3. Technical detail for design and planning
    Our broad range of services can provide technical advice and strategy development for the design and planning of your project. From environmentally sustainable design, to water, to green infrastructure or energy, to social impact, we have all the bases covered.
  4. Project operation and delivery
    Our team can help you plan and deliver more sustainable project solutions, identifying savings to your organisation and project.
  5. Communicating to the community
    We can ensure that your project leverages your sustainability approach through effective communication to your residents, purchasers, community and other key stakeholders.

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