Environmental Planning & Management

Our Environmental Planning & Management Team have a broad extent and depth of experience servicing both the private sector and state and local governments. We specialise in understanding approval frameworks and the technical inputs necessary to support statutory processes, and to efficiently manage and report on compliance with approvals once secured. With a proven track record, we have been involved in a range of large, complex and iconic projects that demonstrate our extensive understanding of environmental requirements, risks, issues, opportunities and constraints, to ability to ensure these are managed in accordance with the commercial objectives of our clients.

Our team have prominent industry profiles and extensive networks within federal, state and local governments, enabling us to facilitate productive interactions with senior level staff to understand and resolve environmental concerns and issues. We are actively involved with numerous industry reference groups and committees, and are proactively informed of any key regulatory change and reform processes.

Our environmental planning and management focus

  • Pre-commitment environmental due diligence advice
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Environmental support for the preparation of planning schemes and strategies
  • Environmental support for Planning and Development Act 2005 processes and approvals including scheme amendments, subdivision and development approvals
  • Environmental policy and legislative review and policy development
  • Representation, advocacy and formal presentations to key stakeholders and decision makers
  • Expert environmental opinion and advice to support formal legal proceedings
  • Project or operational environmental constraints, issues and opportunity assessments
  • Strategic scoping and baseline assessments to support environmental approvals
  • Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 advice, referrals, assessments and compliance management
  • Environmental Protection Act 1986 referrals and assessments, approvals, permits and licences (including works approvals, licences and clearing permits)
  • Environmental compliance auditing and reporting
  • Preparation and review of local biodiversity strategies and plans
  • Coastal planning and foreshore management strategies and plans
  • Wetland assessments and management plans
  • Visual amenity impact assessments
  • Stakeholder consultation and engagement for environmental matters
  • Sustainability assessments and certification schemes including UDIA EnviroDevelopment, GBCA GreenStar Communities and ISCA Infrastructure Sustainability
  • Development and implementation of environmental management systems
  • Construction environmental management (including dust and noise)
  • The provision of in-house environmental personnel for short term project support

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