Bushfire Risk Management

Emerge Associates has been providing bushfire risk management advice for more than six years, undertaking detailed bushfire assessments and associated approvals to support land use planning.  We now have experienced and accredited personnel in Bushfire Planning and Design (BPAD) and provide a comprehensive in-house Level 3 practice.

Our extensive experience supporting land use planning means we are able to provide holistic project advice with regard to bushfire planning and human behaviour.  We offer a unique and integrated approach to bushfire consulting with our bushfire team working alongside our environmental consultants and landscape architects.  We combine technical building knowledge with enduring landscape solutions.

We work actively within the industry and understand key issues, such as design and/or development considerations, that need to be factored into proposed developments from a bushfire management perspective.

We’ve worked closely with Department of Fire and Emergency Services, the Department of Planning, Lands and Heritage, the Building Commission, and Local Governments to develop trusted working relationships that support the resolution of bushfire management issues.

As the State bushfire framework continues to be an evolving field, we have found that the positions on certain approaches can vary project-to-project and location-to-location, however we have been able to effectively resolve most issues through our creativity and the constructive relationships we have fostered.

Our bushfire risk management focus

  • Bushfire research and strategic advice/analysis
  • Bushfire risk management advice in strategic planning for state and local government
  • Bushfire Hazard Level Assessments
  • Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) Assessments (utilising method 1 and method 2 approaches)
  • Bushfire Management Plans for subdivisions including contour plans for individual lots
  • Bushfire Management Plans for all complexities including vulnerable, unavoidable and high risk developments
  • Bushfire Management Plans requiring performance solutions
  • Bushfire Emergency Evacuation Plans and Emergency Response Plans
  • Bushfire building construction design advice
  • Site specific bushfire fuel measurement and fuel management plans
  • Addressing bushfire risk considerations in revegetation programs or landscape plans
  • Addressing bushfire risk management in conservation and other management plans
  • Expert witness services (SAT) and peer review
  • Bushfire safety training
  • Community fire education and awareness

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