Boddington Foreshore is officially open!  An exciting new space that integrates quiet foreshore spaces with challenging nature play, skate park, pump track, sports court and fitness hub.

Emerge were initially engaged by the Shire to deliver a creative and diverse nature play space on their foreshore that complimented a developing civic centre and youth precinct. Along with the reinvention of the foreshore precinct with other facility projects such as a new skate park, pump track and exercise equipment, the opportunity arose to establish a comprehensive master plan, with consistent theming for the area to reconnect the town to the water.

A rewarding community driven project, with Shire of Boddington and PHASE3 Landscape Construction, providing great facilities for local residents and visitors to enjoy.

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The Peel region has an amazingly diverse array of physical features and unique ecosystems that provide the basis for the lifestyle and industries our region is known for. We’re talking waterways, coastline and estuary system, rivers, marinas and canals, world-class trails, national parks and adventure recreation facilities, wineries, agriculture and tourism just to name a few.

As Peel grows and we position ourselves as a progressive, prosperous and dynamic region with a culture of care, tourism to our regional centres plays a critical role in accelerating local economic growth and business opportunities.

Tourism is a major growth market for Peel – last year we exceeded our 3-year goal of attracting 3 million day trips when we hit 3.1 million day-trippers. Leveraging our natural assets and promoting all there is to see and do in Peel will continue to attract visitors and encourage overnight stays – more visitors, longer stays.

Peel’s natural resources are supported by built attractions that complement the stunning features of our environment, a strong network of road infrastructure, and proximity to consumers. These characteristics create a terrific opportunity for the development of clusters of tourism adventures that can be collectively promoted to attract visitors and entice them to stay in the region for longer.

Hotham Park fits the vision perfectly. This amazing project ticks all the boxes;

  • leveraging the natural beauty and amenity of the Hotham River foreshore, providing a skate park, pump track, nature play and fitness zone as well as extensive landscaping for wide recreational use
  • creating economic benefit in attracting visitors to Boddington
  • attracting and retaining residents to and in Boddington

Congratulations to the Shire of Boddington, the Shire President and CEO, project partners, sponsors and the Boddington community for your work in delivering this impressive and valuable project.

Hotham Park is a significant project that contributes to tourism growth in our region, helping to build a strong local economy and regional prosperity, and one that will bring many years of enjoyment, recreation and community to Peel residents and visitors alike.