Emerge is excited to have 4 of our projects named as finalists across three categories in the Parks & Leisure Australia Awards of Excellence 2020.

For the 2020 Park of the Year Award Cassia Glades Hawkeswood Boulevard Park and Honeywood Playing Fields Park have both been recognised.  Cassia Glades encapsulates the essence of urban community living, with mature vegetation and a rich botanical aesthetic while Honeywood Playing Fields Park is a vibrant sprawling parkland full of colour, sensory experiences and play opportunities.

Our Amberton Foreshore Lighthouse Park project is in contention for the 2020 Playspace Award. The result of over 6 years of planning of the Amberton Foreshore Precinct, the adventurous Lighthouse Park is a space for the imagination, featuring an 8.5m high lighthouse place tower, a multi-play boat shipwreck and a treasure chest maze.

Nominated for the 2020 Community Facility of the Year is Pectoral Park in Alkimos Beach. Set within a retained parabolic dune, Pectoral Park is an iconic fitness destination showcasing feature stairs, multipurpose landings and curated exercise circuit programmes and 360 degree ocean views at the peak of the park’s 10m vertical height inclination.

Hawkeswood Boulevard Park, Cassia Glades

Joint Venture: Satterley + Department of Communities.
Satterley Development Manager: Blair Lunt
DoC Project Delivery Manager: Vernon Langdon
Emerge Project Lead: Mike Missikos

Honeywood Playing Fields Park, Wandi
Satterley Property Group
Satterley Development Manager: John Hirdman
Emerge Project Lead: Carla Ramsland

Lighthouse Park, Amberton Foreshore
Woodsome Management Pty Ltd on behalf of Eglinton Estate (Stockland)
Woodsome Management Director: Tasio Cokis
Stockland Development Manager: Tom Barry
Emerge Project Lead: Zac Fried

Pectoral Park, Alkimos Beach (in partnership with Total Eden)
Lendlease Communities + Development WA
Lendlease Communities Development Manager: Jacob Abbott
Development WA Senior Development Manager:   Ian Ardron
Development WA Development Manager: Sylvia Chan
Emerge Project Lead: Emma Carr


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